The Shire of Darach
The Ventura County California Chapter of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism

Shire Order of Precedence

This list is a combination of people are currently members of the Shire, beloved members who have passed away, and members who've moved out of the shire or out of the kingdom. Currently inactive SCA members are no longer displayed (although they are still in the database). If you see someone missing you believe should be listed, please contact the webmaster. They may be missing by simple accidental omission.

If you see no awards listed under a member's name, no awards have been received. If you see an error of any kind in this list, please contact the webmaster.

Aclena of Wyvern Heights

Ada of Darach, Lady

Adelais de la Jupe Cramoisie, Lady

Æduin of Skye, Lord
Per bend vert and argent, a Norse sun cross argent and an anchor sable

Alaric Hawkwood of Hawkwood Manor, Lord (deceased)
Sable, a hawk displayed and on a chief embattled Or, three fir trees eradicated sable

Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste, Comptesse
Per bend purpure and argent, a moon in her plenitude and a feathered serpent glissant bendwise reversed counterchanged

Alexander Kallidokos, Master Don
Sable platy, a bend argent in sinister chief a lion salient ermine

Alia la rousse, Lady
Gules, in pale two tygers passant argent

Alys Chauntrey, Lady
Vert, three panpipes Or

Andreas Doukas Von Leiningen (Sabas), The Honorable Domn
Per pale sable and gules, two horses bridled of the field combattant and in chief three crosses moline argent

Andrés Miguel Rodriguez de la Rosa, Don (moved out of Darach)
Per pale sable and purpure, a winged rabbit rampant maintaining in its dexter forepaw a rapier Or

Arabella da Siena, Doña
Gules, on a pale between 2 hippogriffs combatant each maintaining a glaive argent, 3 cinquefoils sable

Aran Darkhelm, Baron
Gules, 2 crutches in saltire between in pale 2 doves displayed argent

Astra Christiana Benedict, Maestra
Per fess azure, mulletty Or and purpure, cursilly Or

Baldwin Woodbush, Lord

Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, Master
Azure, on a chief embattled argent a dragon couchant azure winged sable, as augmentation the dragon maintaining between its forfeet an escutcheon azure charged with 4 crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward argent

Cáelfind ben Uí Chonfraích, THLady
Per chevron inverted vert and Or, a mullet of 4 points and 2 crescents counterchanged

Calthor McDoghlsson, Lord

Cassiene (Kash-een), Lady

Caterine Barré de Venoix, THLady (moved out of Darach)
Barry azure and Or, a Catherine wheel gules

Catherine Ainsdale of Lancashire, THLady
Lozengy gules and argent, a dragon sejant affronty head facing sinister wings displayed vert

Ceara ingen ui Chellaigh (Kelebek), Lady (moved out of Darach)
Barry wavy azure and argent, 2 seahorses respectant Or

Cerdic WhiteWyne of Wessex, Baron
Quarterly sable and argent, a cross patonce counterchanged

Cicilia la Seria, Lady
Azure goutty, on a roundel argent a swan naiant sable

Conrí Mac Eógain, Lord
Per pale Or and purpure, a wolf statant to sinister counterchanged

Crimthann Mac Eógaín

Dermot MacClery, Lord

Dylan Cairdiff, Lord

Éadaoin inghean uí Cruadhlaoich, Lady
Sable, an escutcheon vair within a bordure engrailed argent.

Edric Aaron Hartwood, Duke (moved out of Darach)
Per pale purpure and sable, a pithon erect contourny between 3 lozenges argent

Edward the Pink, Lord

Egan O'Phalen, THLord

Eilidh Swann Stralachlan, Dame (moved out of Darach)
Quarterly sable and Or, a swan rousant wings displayed counterchanged

Eleyn Scrivener, Lady (moved out of Caid)
Azure, on a bend sinister between two cinquefoils Or, a quill pen gules

Elisabetta Camilla di Raffaello
Or, a knot of two hearts voided and braced to form a single cord azure

Elizabeth Greene, Lady
Per fess wavy vert and argent, a decrescent argent and a raven close sable

Elizabeth Margaret Cleves, Lady (moved out of Darach)
Sable, a standing balance surmounted by a ram's head cabossed and on a chief Or 3 pairs of holly leaves bendwise sinister fructed sable

Elizabeth of Esvere, Lady
Argent, upon a pale azure a threaded needle Or, overall a bend

Elynor O'Brian, Lady
Argent, three bats sable

Elyramere of Tymbrelyne Heyghts, Dame
Argent, on a cross quarter-pierced vert 4 ram's heads couped fesswise Or

Emrys FitzRainold de Venoix, Lord (moved out of Darach)
Per fess rayonny azure and gules, 3 vanneaux Or

Enid Gwyr, Lady

Eógan Ua Confraích, Don
Per chevron inverted argent and purpure, a hound courant azure and 2 crescents argent

Etain ingen Ghilla Phatraic, Lady (moved out of Darach)
Or, a Celtic Cross per pale purpure and vert

Fleurette Kirkpatrick, Lady (moved out of Darach)
Per pale vert and purpure, a frog between three mullets of six points argent

Gerhart von Altenberg, Graf
Lozengy argent and sable, a chevron inverted cotised gules

Griffin Crosthwaite, THLord
Vert crusilly argent

Grimr Askmodr, Lord

Hampton O Martain, Lord

Ian Kirkpatrick, Lord (moved out of Darach)
Purpure, a lamb rampant argent haloed within an orle Or

Ismay of Giggleswick, Dame
Gules, 2 squirrels sajant erect respectant vair en point maintaining in chief a nut Or

Iuliana da Rauvenna, Lady
Gules, a goat salient Or and on a chief argent three wagon wheels sable

Jessica Rose of Darach (moved out of Caid)

Kaarna of the Amethyst, Lady (deceased)
Tierced per pall argent, purpure, and Or, 2 thistles purpure, 3 annulets interlaced argent, and a triskelion arroundi purpure, 1 and two

Katie of Darach

Kelvin of Tynedale, THLord
Counter-ermine, a chevron Or between 3 cups and a chief embattles argent

Kolfinna kottr, Greifynja (deceased)
Azure, on a pale Sable fimbriated and endorsed, 3 crescents Argent

Lareej Jaida bint Al Shammari al Dujja, THLady

Liam Griffinson

Lorcan mac Conraoi

Lorccán hua Conchobair, THL

Lorenz Wieland, Lord
Azure, a winged bottle bendwise sinister between in pall 3 eating forks tines to the center argent

Luzia da Silva, Lady
Or, three piles in point gules surmounted by a galleon under sail sable

Mara du Midi (deceased)

Mary Taran of Glastonbury, Baroness
Azure, goutty d'Or, on a bend argent a Glastonbury thorn twig blossoming proper

Mateo de Fortuna, Lord

Mattea di Lanciano, Lady

Matthew Odeane the Incorrigible, Lord

Mayken de Houtman, Lady
Argent, a fess nebuly azure and in chief a raven displayed sable

Meadhbh Eileanach, THLady (moved out of Darach)
Per pale vert and argent, a puffin proper statant close between 3 dragonflies counterchanged

Miryam Aet West Seaxe, Lady
Quarterly gules and Or, a cross patonce counterchanged

Morgana Isolde of Ander Hall, Baroness
Per saltire gules and lozengy gules and Or, in chief a dragon segreant argent

Mwynen Chartier, Lady
Gules, a pomegranate Argent, slipped and leaved Vert, between 4 fleur-de-lys in cross Or

Nikodemus Volk, Lord
Quarterly sable and argent, a double-headed eagle counterchanged

Philip Wiliams of Aston (of the ex-Isles), Sir
Gules, a saltire Or, surmounted by a rose, on a chief argent, 3 crosses flory vert

Rajid ibn Hana

Rathormer Scyldwulf

Rebecca Mary Robynson, Baroness
Quarterly azure and argent, 4 fleurs-de-lys in cross, bases to center counterchanged

Rhieinwen Cyfarwydd ferch Angharad, Barwnes
Per bend rayonny argent goutty purpure and purpure goutty argent, an increscent purpure and a heart argent

Richard James MacCausland, Lord
Gules, a lion rampant contourny argent, a bordure compony azure and argent on each argent pane a tower gules

Robert Wright, Lord (moved out of Caid)
Per chevron Or and azure, two trees and a dragon passant counterchanged, a chief dovetailed azure

Robie Johann von Frankfurt

Salomea Imhof, Lady
Purpure, three penners and inkhorns argent

Samuel of Darach (moved out of Caid)

Sean Vuibhearn, Master
Per chevron argent and gules, 2 harps and a wyvern erect reguardant counterchanged

Sieglinde von der Hohenwüste, THLady (moved out of Darach)
Per chevron gules and sable, a battle-axe bendwise sinister, a warhammer bendwise Or, and a winged helmet argent

Stefen Winter van Rosenheim, Lord
Quarterly sable and vert, 3 wolves courant argent

Thomasina MacGregor of Tay, Mistress
Azure, on a bend between a mullet of 6 points argent and a sun Or, a thistle palewise proper

Umberto Lodovico Scolari, Barone

Una Orcadiana, Comitesse
Azure, on a fess argent cotised Or 3 annulets azure

Wilhelm von Frankfurt, Lord
Per bend sinister azure and purpure, a trident's head inverted Or

William Hethefelde, Lord
Per pale sable and vert, an armored wolf statant contourny ululant within a bordure embattled argent

William Kyle of the Wilderness, Sir (moved out of Caid)
Per bend vert and sable, a bend Or between an axe and an axe inverted reversed argent, all within a bordure Or