The Shire of Darach
The Ventura County California Chapter of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism


Family Participation

The SCA is "The Middle Ages as they should have been." Those who "play" in the SCA are encouraged to research time periods, locations, and come up with a "persona." You can choose a different name, make your own "device" (like you see on shields), and "become" that person when you play. At all points along the way, children are encouraged to learn, research and make their own persona, garb, and any other aspect they choose. Darachshire has many of the most excellent teachers in making clothing, singing, swordplay, cooking, jewelry making, leatherworking, and much more. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

You don't need to have a car full of garb and goodies to play! The shire has loaner garb to get you started and lots of space to share in one of the many brightly colored and decorated pavillions at events. You will find some of the friendliest and most interesting people you've ever met at our events. They are willing to help and suggest all kinds of ways to get started.

Unlike other living history groups, SCA events pretty much demand participation. If you don't get involved, you will get bored. There are always classes to attend, fighting to watch (or participate in!) and lots of opportunities to volunteer doing all kinds of things.

Check the calendar for upcoming events. We will list our local events as well as bigger "Kingdom" events that our group attends. You are welcome at any of them.

Youth Combat Tournaments

"Youth Combat Tournament" is mock battle game for kids held at SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events. It's purpose is to introduce children ages 4 to 16 to the rules, techniques, and chivalry of combat in the middle ages.

The children wear "armor" consisting of helms (usually roller hockey goalie helmets), elbow and knee pads, a gorget (neck protection), and groin protection. This is a TOUCH based game with strict rules for blow strength and location. It does, however, require that the child receiving the blow call it and be honest about being struck; completely different from most sports!

Any child over 4 may participate. Age groups are 4 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 13, and 14 to 16. Children must wear closed toe shoes and, most importantly, A PARENT MUST BE PRESENT FOR A CHILD TO PRACTICE OR PARTICIPATE. Children do not need to have their own armor or swords. They are available on site to borrow thanks to generous donations of our members.

Youth Combat Practices are usually held the third Sunday of each month in conjunction with fighter practice.

Darachshire Academy

Whether you are new to the SCA or Darach or you just want to learn more about the Middle Ages, we will now be offering workshops. The free "classes" will have two tracks.

Newcomers Track - The classes offered in this track may include such topics as "What is the SCA", "Your First Garb And How To Make Them Look Medieval", "SCA Jargon or 'Say What?'", "Court Etiquette", "What To Bring And How To Survive Your First Events", "Beginning Heraldry", "SCA Niceties", "Activities For Non-Costumers And Non-Fighters", "Beginning Research", "What Is An Art Or Science? How To Enter A Competition", and "How To Look Like A Period Encampment".

Arts And Sciences Track - The classes offered in this track may include such topics as "Brewing Cordials", "Calligraphy", "Costuming", "Dance In The SCA", "Dramatic And Bardic Presentations", "How To Enter Pentathlon", "How To Strap A Shield And Make A Sword", "Illumination", "Leatherworking", "Metal Thread Embroidery", "Metalworking", "Musical Performance" and "Psanky" (a Medieval Easter Egg coloring technique).

Stay tuned for more information on particular class schedules and registration!