The Shire of Darach
The Ventura County California Chapter of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism


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The Oak Leaf Newsletter

A PDF version of the Oak Leaf Newsletter may be available to download from the Darach Shire website. Clicking on a link below will open a new page.

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Writing Award Letters

Here's a little excerpt from an article by Barwnes Rhieinwen:

Awards are an important part of the SCA. We are a volunteer organization, and the way we are "paid" is by the positive feeling we get by contributing to the SCA, whether at the local level, in the kitchen, as a Kingdom Officer, etc. Awards are a public thank you or acknowledgement of accomplishments. (They don't take the place of a personal, individual word or note—so don't forget to say "Great event!" to an event steward or send a "Loved your feast" e-mail to a cook!). Awards are also an encouragement to a person to continue in the same vein or direction.

Awards are given at the pleasure of the Crown, but the Crown can't be everywhere or see the contributions of every member of the populace. The only way They know if a gentle is worthy is if They receive recommendations for that person—recommendations from people such as you.

Read the entired article by Barwnes Rhieinwen, with ideas and examples on how to write letters for Award Recommendations.

Financial Reports

Year-End Statements: From the Shire Exchequer, publishing the financial statements to the populace at large.
      Shire of Darach Financial Statement available to members from the Exchequer

Steward and Event Forms: From the Shire Exchequer
      Check Request Form
      Event Budget Worksheet
      Event Report Form

Forms & Documents

Web Permission Form: A signed form is needed before any contact information can be on the web for all officers, event stewards, and hosts of workshops, practices, or other events.
      Web Permission Form in PDF
      Web Permission Form in Word

Collegium Proposal Forms: This document is used to send in class proposals for Collegium Caidis. For more information about Collegium, see their webpage.
      Collegium Proposal Form in PDF
      Collegium Proposal Form in Word

How to Run Gate at an SCA Event: written by Luzia da Silva. Includes membership application and gate reconciliation form.

Devices & Badges

Darach Device: JPG, PDF, EPS Darach Badge: JPG, PDF, EPS